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# Vertical/ Business Domain Summary Description
1 Corporate Real Estate Executed a project of approximate US $ One Million. A project involving approximate 200 man months of effort resulting in an enterprise low foot print web based Corporate Real Estate application focused on tenant and owner.
Product Name: SiteSeer IE.
2 e-Commerce Applications/ Portals: Inforaise has commendable experience in design and development of large, multi product e-commerce applications. Inforaise has designed and developed e-commerce portals for various businesses and has enabled several business go online.
Prominent Ref: www.Bestprintbuy.com
3 Enterprise Hospital Management Software Enterprise Hospital Management software "Clinicareon" is a software product conceptualized, architected and developed for Indian market. "Clinicareon" is offered in three variants as 'Enterprise', 'Select' and 'Standard. The product caters to end-to-end operational requirements of a modern multi specialty hospital.
4 Online Doctor/ Clinician appointments, Online Healthcare offerings, Clinic Management SAAS Software Inforaise has successfully launched an online SAAS application "eMeditime.com". eMeditime.com is free to patients and caters to doctor search, doctor appointment management and health monitoring. eMeditime.com at a nominal subscription cost to doctors and clinics offers various services including but not limiting to patient registration, fee management, fee follow-up, Patient Relationship Management, patient follow-up. Several other features are available for both patients and providers in this SAAS application.
Website: www.eMeditime.com
5 e-Governance applications Inforaise has designed and developed enterprise (organization-wide) governance application for Andhra Pradesh Vigilance and Enforcement Department. The application is complete and addresses all major functionality of the department including task creation,
6 Decision Support Systems Involved in constant development of web based decision support systems using complex language processing algorithms.
Customer Website: www.islanddata.com
7 Insurance & Allied Inforaise has designed and developed a web based secure application for one of the Service providing businesses relating to Insurance Industry.
Ref: DMA Housing Assistants, Anderson Appraisals
8 Portal Applications e-commerce, B2B, B2C, Education and Assessment. Inforaise has expertise in designing and developing high transaction orient portal applications. The portal applications includes customer facing portal, admin facing portal and supplier facing portal catering to B2C and B2B audiences. Our service offerings include education and self assessment web portals.
9 IVR and Telephony Systems Inforaise has provided complete IVR solutions to its customers based in USA.
10 Mobile/Smartphone Applications Created multiple small to mid-size applications for various mobile device platforms, such as Android, iPhone, and Windows in the areas of operations management, field management, real-estate appraisals, healthcare, travel, and online video rentals to name a few.
Customers:Sonabend, Ninthlink & Anderson Appraisals etc
Other business domains include Education, Asset Management, Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution. We have several other projects that we have successfully executed in these business domains.